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Monday, December 19, 2011

Eric's Fan Quilt

Well, instead of sewing, I've been spending all my free time the past couple of weeks cleaning and rearranging my workspace. It's a worthy endeavor, and I am confident that the investment of time and energy in cleaning now will let my creative energy truly blossom in the new year. :)
Unfortunately, somewhere in the rearrangement of piles and boxes and the sorting of fabrics and buttons and threads, I have misplaced my favorite little digital camera! ARGH!! the picture for today will come from archives that I didn't get around to posting when I should have! ;)

My brother came over for Thanksgiving dinner this year, and we got to talking about quilting (he's started doing applique recently, incidentally), and reminiscing in general, and I mentioned that I'd been doing some cleaning and re-organizing, and had happened across a couple of boxes with his name on them. Well, we dug them all out and sorted through them, and among them was this:

It is a queen-sized fan-quilt that I started for my brother in December 1994. If I get it finished by 2014 it will have been 20 years aborning. My brother decided to give me until 2019 to get it finished, just in case. I wonder if I still have all the pattern templates? I wonder if I have enough cloth in the right colors, or if I need to buy more to coordinate? I wonder if I can remember what the plan, exactly, was! I do know it needs a little freshening up (tricky when it's in pieces) and ironing and piecing and more piecing. I will be chipping away at this project throughout 2012 alongside CQJP/BJP/TAST and assorted other obligations.

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  • At Mon Dec 19, 01:50:00 PM PST, Blogger Debra Spincic said…

    I hope your notes are better than mine on old projects!

  • At Mon Dec 19, 03:48:00 PM PST, Blogger Peacock said…

    Not really! :P
    I found a crumpled up piece of graph paper that I was apparently using for my fan wedge template. Can you believe it? Graph paper?? Sheesh! I probably used that wedge to cut a template out of cardboard from an old cereal box. That was in the days before I realized that a template cut from a plastic jug would last MUCH longer and would even let me kinda see through to the fabric!
    I have a bunch of scrawled numbers on another sheet of graph paper which may or may not even belong to that project.
    I seem to recall that it was going to be queen-sized, and I definitely recall the intended orientation of the fans (though that could change with my brother's input when we get enough fans put together to start playing around with them). I remember that the fans were going to go onto a black background, and I remember that at the time my brother was dead-set against applique, so the curves of the fans were going to need to be carefully pieced against the curve of the background. I also know that I made one trial block just to be sure I could do it (which got given to my brother during the early planning stages of the quilt).
    When I find my camera again I will take some more pictures of this project and the sorry state that it is in! :)
    My brother's overwhelming response upon seeing it again was, "wow. I didn't remember so much red." ... so hopefully I won't need to go back and remove all the red pieces!
    Anyway, he's still really interested in seeing me complete it, so....
    ...maybe I should have just hidden that box under the bed and pretended to have "lost" it? ;)

  • At Sat Dec 24, 11:57:00 AM PST, Blogger Jane said…

    Good luck on finding your camera, LOL.. wow what a project to unearth, the colors are spectacular! I wanted to pop in and wish you a very happy holiday and a super new year.. it's been nice getting to know you through the Tues Stitchers. I need to get back to being a better blogger. I have had some on again off again times with it but find I really miss it. That is one of my resolutions this year. Hope your CQJP is coming along!


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